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Eating in College is Hard

And it's Ugh, Hungry.'s mission to make it easy, fast, affordable and fun! Unfortunately, the Freshman 15 is real. Late night snacking on a bag of Cheetos followed by a Tollhouse cookie ice cream sandwich at 2 A.M. seems like a good idea until your family physician throws "eating healthy" pamphlets at you.

Now you've all heard the myths: "eating healthy is expensive" or "eating healthy takes too much time" or "eating healthy is boring and tastes bad" or (my personal favorite) "Pizza is a balanced meal - I swear!"

Ugh, Hungry. is here to wipe away all your preconceived notions about eating healthy. Ugh, Hungry is made for and by the college student. So if you have any questions on cooking in a dorm, cooking for one, making a snack for late night studying or more, feel free to submit a comment! Ugh, Hungry. is going to take on the cravings challenge. Something you want but it's oh-so-fatty? We can make it nutritious and delicious! Explore the site for meals and snacks, follow on social media @Ugh_Hungry and subscribe to the YouTube page for videos! Get ready college kids, you will no longer be feeling those hangry pains.