Hi. Let me introduce myself. I’m Melanie. I’m your stereotypical 21-year-old Disney loving, food eating, musical singing, otter enthusiast, fake Russian accent connoisseur, dad joke making, weirdo, college student.

My favorite foods are steak (my mommy calls me a carnivore),  lasagna (cheese and meat? You can’t go wrong), ice cream (specifically the reduced-guilt vanilla ice cream from Trader Joe’s), and chocolate (I have a drawer dedicated to chocolate in my kitchen).

I am addicted to Trader Joe’s. It’s my mecca. I pray at the temple of Joe-Joes and Scandinavian Swimmers.

I’m a devil… a Sundevil at Arizona State University! Ha.. Ha..yeah I didn’t think that was funny either. And I think I’m hilarious.  I’m in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I have a focus in broadcast journalism. And I’m minoring in nutrition.

The really cool thing about minoring in nutrition is that I now own all of these textbooks that are crazy expensive. Which would normally suck. Like why are text books always $100 or more? We use them for a semester, then they rot on our shelf, or we send them back to the book store and only get $15. (Excuse my off topic textbook rant, I have a point, I promise).

My point is- I decided to put those text books and knowledge I’m learning from my broadcast major to good use. I have begun to develop recipes for yummy, delicious, and nutritious foods. You can indulge and not hate yourself after. Sounds like a dream right? Well. Thankfully, registered dietitians or RDs make your food dreams a reality. I will be taking suggestions on foods to modify, making healthy dishes you never even thought of, and enjoying food all while consulting my handy-dandy expensive brick of a text book and my professors.

I also will be posting yummy food that I have eaten around the Phoenix area. I am originally from Los Angeles, so when I visit home, you may get some special LA treat posts.

I have been addicted to food since a young age. When I was around six-years-old and my older sister, Hayley, was around ten-years-old, our television would be playing pretty much whatever she wanted to watch. She was famous in our household for making me watch Charlie’s Angels,  Clueless, and Food Network. You could always hear Rachel Ray’s semi-raspy voice echoing from the kitchen telling us about the amazing meal she was eating for less than “Forty Dollars a Day”. I quickly found myself switching to the Food Network all on my own. I grew very found of the jolly persona of Mario Batali. I remember watching him cook a whole fish and thinking “That’s so cool!” Then I started watching a young Giada DeLaurentis in “Behind the Bash.” Oh don’t even get me started on when Cooking Channel was released. The only T.V. I watch now involves some type of food. My Netflix account que includes FoodNetwork collections, British Baking Show, and many food docu-series.

My mother never trusted me with a stove or an oven when I was younger. I don’t really blame her. I was the kid who would keep the glue gun plugged in and would make us go back home to unplug it. Around middle school, I decided I wanted to make chocolate fudge. I didn’t really tell my mom what I was doing. I just looked up a recipe online and secretly turned on the stove. It was not until I had the final delicious product that I even told my mom that I used the stove. But, I didn’t burn the house down and the product was amazing. From then on, I was hooked. I was known in high school as the girl who baked. It seemed to be a great stress release. My friends started to complain that I was making them fat.

It was not until college that I realized that my stress release and the dorm food was making me fat. Well the summer between Sophomore and Junior year I began to develop healthier recipes for my family. And then when I moved into my apartment, I began to make small, healthy meals for myself. I also started budgeting better. I figured out that pre-packaged foods are more expensive than buying fresh foods. I also used my nutrition minor knowledge to figure out what my body wants and needs. I find the best, yummiest ingredients at a low price. Then I have to create fast meals. I am a busy college student with a job and an internship. On a good day, I have 30 minutes to eat lunch. On a bad day I have zero. Literally, class ends at 1pm and work starts at 1pm. *Insert stressed laugh*

Well, this year I dropped some weight and my friends started to come over and eat. They told me that they don’t know how to cook or it takes forever. So, I decided to share my journey of eating yummy, healthy, quick, and at a low cost with all of you.