I love sweets. People are normally either a “savory person” or a “sweet person.” I am without a doubt a sweet person. And becoming healthy was the hardest thing to do when being a sweet person. I have heard so many awful things in my nutrition classes about sweets. Everyone wants to me substitute eggs and oil in brownies with black beans, or start eating yogurt and protein powder pancakes. Not only do these sound disgusting to me, I would feel like I’m doing an injustice to my sacred desserts. I recently discovered TollHouse chocolate chip slice-and-bake cookies. Which I thought was awesome because instead of making a full batch (2 dozen) of chocolate chip cookies, I would only make one at a time. Well this turned into two at a time. Everyday. Sometimes twice a day. Needless to say, when I could barely fit into my jeans, I threw out the roll. It’s amazing how in just 2 weeks, my jeans are big on me again. So, yes, dietitians, I understand, 2 cookies a day will not keep the doctor away. Much to my chagrin.

Because of this I started trying to figure out delicious snacks that would satisfy my sweet tooth and not make me turn back to slice-and-bake.
My first delicious snack idea is to make your own yummy cinnamon and chocolate trail mix baggie. I got the Puffins Cereal from Trader Joe’s. It’s cinnamon flavored and only has 6 grams of sugar and 90 calories per every 3/4 cup serving. Not too shabby! It also has good fiber and whole grains. Basically, I feel good about myself eating this. It’s munch-able and has a nice off-sweet flavor paired with a warm cinnamon spice. I take my serving, throw it in a baggie and add around 10 (I don’t count, I just toss) dark chocolate chips. It’s delicious for a snack. I satisfy my cookie cravings with the caramel taste and chocolate surprises.