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TIP #1

Buying vegetables and cutting yourself will save you money! For instance, a pre-cut 12 0z. bag of broccoli will cost you roughly $2.50. And a whole head of broccoli will cost you roughly $1.50. You will probably get more broccoli depending on the size the grocery is selling.  Basic Rule of Thumb? Pre-cut and pre-packaged is generally more money because the store is putting in the cost of labor.

TIP #2

Have left overs? Freeze it! Please don't be that person who stinks up their whole dorm hallway with moldy leftovers permeating from the mini fridge. If you have a tiny freezer area, really economize that space. Do you need that empty ice tray in there? No. You can put it on top of the mini fridge or on another counter. Then use what that tiny space was meant for: to freeze things!


TIP #3

Leftovers are only good in the refridgerator for 3-5 days. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has a handy, dandy chart if you want to know any specifics about how long food is generally good for and safe to eat. Basic Rule of Thumb? If it doesn't look good or you have any reason to believe it may not be good, throw it out! I promise convenience and "money saving" is not worth food poisoning!

TIP #4

Learn what should be refrigerated and what shouldn't be! For instance, tomatoes should be kept out on the counter. If they are refrigerated, they will lose flavor and gain some weird mealy texture to them.

TIP #5

Are you a fidgety studier? Do you need something to much on as you riffle through those text books at a midnight study session? Replace the bowl of chips for sugar-free gum or celery! You can munch on celery the entire night and not feel bloated or gain empty calories.