I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. But not for the “romance” of it. I have never been one to enjoy the excuse to go on a date or to tell a SO how much I care. No. The reason I love it is the hearts. And pink. And chocolate. And glitter. Everywhere! Can we just talk about how between New Years and February 14, I have an excuse to decorate my apartment  with pink hearts and lay out chocolate kisses and heart lollipops everywhere!? My guests love it, my roommate loves it, I love it. Like everyone’s happy! Not to mention, I can make my favorite sweets to eat not only feel slightly guilty.

I can’t think of a more fun treat to eat than a Pop-Tart. You grew up with them, you know them, you love them. But now that you’re older, you know to check the nutrition label which sadly tells you that your beloved treats at 200 calories each. And you also read the ingredients because you feel like being on a “clean only organic diet where you try to avoid preservatives.” (I do this. This is literally me.) And you see that the traditional Pop-Tart has corn syrup (which health value is debatable), but it also has these words you don’t even know what they mean: sodium stearoyl lactyalta, soy lechtin, xanthan gum, etc. Not to mention the whopping 17 g of sugar per serving. Fun fact: women should have no more than 25 grams of added sugars per day and men should not have more than 37.5 grams. If you are a woman this is almost all the sugar you can have in one day! In one Pop-Tart! *Cue screaming*

So I decided to switch it up. In my mind everything can be homemade. If you don’t have an oven, try using a small convection oven. Or so all the prep and bake it in a dorm oven. This homemade Pop-Tart recipe has 3 grams of sugar and only 110 calories each. Whew. This we can handle.
Now you can have a sweet for you or for your sweetie!